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Our core value is to provide accurate testing and standard treatment through our experienced and understanding providers

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Glove Clinic was founded since 2019, we have been caring for our community, both locals and also tourists, with professionalism
and friendly yet gender neutral attitude.

Health Check-up Packages

Are you looking for a place for an annual health check-up? We provide screening tests for diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney function and liver function tests.  However, we do not have chest x-ray or electrocardiogram.  But if you are looking for a quick and friendly service, please visit us at our clinic.  For "Plus Packages," we include total serum vitamin D and thyroid disease screening.


We have HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine, both 4-types and 9-types. Hepatitis virus (A & B), Influenza,Zoster (Shingles), Pneumococcal vaccines

STD Treatments

GLOVE CLINIC (Bangkok, Thailand) offers in-depth consultations, STD tests and treatments which include syphilis, genital herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital warts etc.

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis For HIV)

Please come to GLOVE CLINIC then you can enjoy your life while being protected or you can buy PrEP and bring them back with you! You can either get the HIV screening test with us or you can show your recent blood test to us.

STD Tests

GLOVE CLINIC (Bangkok) offers various STD screening tests and STD treatments for everyone. (The website is still under construction)

HIV Treatment

Glove Clinic (Bangkok) also provides HIV medications and you can choose to be treated anonymously.  Our staffs are well-trained, experienced and friendly! Either you have just been diagnosed or you would like to continue the treatment with us, you are very welcome at our clinic.  We will make sure to take care of you both physically and mentally at our best.


PEP (or Emergency PEP) stands for post-exposure prophylaxis which, in this case, is a protection against HIV infection after the risk of exposure.  It is highly recommended that PEP should be started within 72 hours after exposure and continue everyday for 28 days in order to provide the best effectiveness of protection.

PAP smear

PAP smear, Thin prep PAP smear, HPV test

Medical certificate

Work application, work permission, illness


You are our priority, your health is the most important

Providers with experience

The clinic was founded in 2019 but most of our providens have been in the business for more than to years.

Best service

We provide excellent service to all of our customers with no boundary

Patient safety

Your safety is our number one priority. Our staff are well-trained for all procedures with the best hygiene.

Modern technology

Here we can perform from basis tests to Molecular tests in order to diagnose and treat all sexual-related problems.



Handled directly by experienced doctors in
their respective fields

Dr. Krirk Asavametha

Infectious medicine
Infectious disease doctor who love trying various foods from various restaurants and travel both domestically and internationally. Owner of 3 Thai cats and love collecting useless antiques. INFP + Pisces + Enneagram type 4

Mrs. Wassana Satienthumwit

Expert in Counselling in STIs/HIV for over 30 years
Professional registered nurses at Sexual Health Clinic, Public Health Nursing Division, BMA
Manager at Anonymous Clinic and founder of MSM clinic in Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre
Lecturer/Guest speaker in public and private university
Motto “Live worth for social benefit”. Love travelling and explore the world.

Raksakul Buajoom

Counselling (Pre/Post examination)
Being a consultant both pre/post-sexually transmitted disease examination. Giving suggestions, treatments and referral made me feel very happy and proud of this job and help people. Especially help people to overcome their suffering in both physical and mental pain by cheer up, make them stronger and accept things with understanding and live with it happily. Love singing, creating good vibes and smile. Also very happy in the kitchen as my another dream is having a small but quality restaurant.

Pattara Wiriyabanditkul

Preventive medicine, Sexual Medicine, and Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine

Mr. Chanwit Pakam

Consulting on HIV and sexually transmitted diseases to more than 100,000 service recipients throughout the work for more than 10 years, including suffering, fun, excitement and thrilling in all forms.

Private consultation with experienced providers

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