Monkeypox Symptoms and Treatment

Monkeypox, currently spreading among the LGBTQ community in Thailand, according to the latest information from the Department of Disease Control as of August 21, 2023, there are nearly 200 confirmed cases of monkeypox. However, there may be more cases with symptoms that have not been officially recorded. Patients with monkeypox may initially experience symptoms such as fever or body aches for 3-5 days before developing noticeable blisters.

The characteristic blisters of monkeypox are typically solitary and larger than regular blisters. They may also resemble pustules. Some patients may have lesions on their genitalia, which is the entry point for the monkeypox virus, and may have swollen lymph nodes in the affected area.

Although there have been reported deaths from monkeypox, the mortality rate is considered very low, approximately 1 in 1,000 cases. The disease is easily transmitted through close contact but is not usually severe, except in patients with weakened immune systems.

The primary treatment for monkeypox is symptomatic, similar to other viral infections. In severe cases with a high risk of complications, the antiviral drug tecovirimat, used to treat smallpox in the past, may be considered.

Currently, there is no monkeypox vaccine available in Thailand, so there is no highly effective preventive measure. Individuals who have previously been vaccinated against smallpox may still have some immunity to monkeypox and may have some level of protection against the infection or may experience milder symptoms.

If your partner has a rash or suspicious blisters, it is advisable to encourage them to get tested for monkeypox using PCR testing. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid sexual contact or close contact with individuals suspected of having monkeypox. The approximate incubation period for individuals with monkeypox is about 21 days from the onset of symptoms.

For those interested or with inquiries about Monkeypox, you can contact Glove Clinic through their Line Official account (@gloveclinic), inbox them via the Glove Clinic Facebook page, or call 092-414-9254.

This article aims to provide information only and is not intended to replace medical advice. Always consult healthcare providers for personalized advice regarding healthcare concerns

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